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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, 21V is a new professional ensemble of soprano and alto voices of all gender identities. Founded in 2021 by Dr. Martín Benvenuto, 21V explores a broad identity of contemporary American music by focusing on music of the 21st century of the 3 Americas, and challenges existing boundaries and assumptions – both artistically and socially. 21V aims to serve as a beacon for a new generation of treble music lovers, while at the same time inspire awareness and advocacy for underrepresented American continent perspectives.


A catalyst for change through a new choral sound, 21V is a select ensemble of soprano and alto voices of all gender identities that performs 21st century music of the Americas.


21V aims to be a ‘house of ideas’ that opens up unexplored spaces of artistic expression, and a ‘house of belonging’ that expands interconnectedness.


  • Vitality: fosters deep engagement with its singers and community through socially engaged programming

  • Vibrancy: brings to the forefront art music from North, Central, and South America written after the year 2000 

  • Vanguard: stretches artistic boundaries and ignites innovation

  • Vocal: advances and advocates for gender inclusivity and racial justice in all its endeavors

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