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The Making of 21V

A video retrospective of our first season.

"Praise Song for Tulsa"

by Charles Griffin 

 Commissioned and premiered by 21V 

"La Llorona" from Three Mexican Folksongs by David Conte

Peninsula Women's Chorus

Trailblazers Project Year 1 documentary

"Child of Impossibles" by Julia Adolphe

Peninsula Women's Chorus 

Southern Exposure III concert teaser

WomenSing and Quinteto Latino 

"Thou Famished Grave" by Stacey Garrop

Commissioned by the Peninsula Women's Chorus

Youth Inspiring Youth Composer's Workshop


"Wit and Fright" by Ryan Harper

Commissioned by WomenSing

Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir, guest performer

"Oblivion" by Cristian Grases

Commissioned by Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir

Performed by the Peninsula Women's Chorus

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